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I started working with Personal Trainer Kevin Auwarter at Sweet Home Family Medicine when I enrolled in a month long weight loss program. Kevin was very encouraging to work with and is very knowledgeable. My schedule, however, is complex and it was not convenient for me to get to him as often as I would have liked.

Kevin suggested DOTFIT,  an Internet-based Personal Training Program where he can set up my resistance and cardio training that I can use at my local gym. The program also allows me to log my food daily and really helps me understand what I am eating. Kevin checks into my log several times each week and gives me recommendations, asks if I have any questions or concerns and offers encouragement.

For me this is a very good way to work with Kevin and reap the benefits of a personal trainer on your own schedule. I have lost an additional 16 lbs in the 6 weeks using the DOTFIT program.  Keith-Alden, NY

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Kevin is an expert trainer with an extensive knowledge of exercise, diet, and health issues.  He pushes you to your limit while still making you want to come back for more –  an important balance which eludes many trainers.  I highly recommend Kevin as the trainer to guide you on your journey to better health. Holly-Buffalo, NY

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…Once I started to follow the diet, as well as the exercise program, there was great success (9 lbs in one month). I highly recommend the program.

Kevin, you were an awesome coach in this whole process! You were patient and not overbearing. You gave me time to ease into the program, and the progression into more advanced exercises was just right!  Linda-Williamsville, NY

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Kevin has been a great help to me in my weight loss journey. Kevin is able to set up a personal program that is very much tailored to what I can do and what I need to avoid in order to prevent further injury to the post-surgical areas of my body. Kevin is also very adept in educating myself on how to apply the web site to my advantage in my quest to lose weight. I would recommend Kevin to anyone requiring personal training for whatever reason.  Don -Orchard Park, NY

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Kevin was just what I needed. He focused on my fitness profile and created a program to help me reach my fitness goals. He worked with me to improve my strength and to help me gain confidence. In addition to the training goals, he helped me think about diet, rest, and stress reduction to improve my health and fitness. Kevin is a terrific personal trainer!  Jody -Buffalo, NY

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I would like to share with you how great your class was last night. Your varieties and combination of exercises are great and I already feel strong and “awake” after the workout. I have a welcomed amount of muscle soreness throughout my body AND also my entire core! I also worked with personal trainers in the past, but the result was just not the same as yours. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Boi Nghi P. -Amherst, NY

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